HMI Terminals

Graphical user interfaces enhances the ease of operation of automation systems. Whether with classic HMI or with web access, we provide a visualization solution for any requirement.

Control and monitoring via LAN, fieldbus or industrial Ethernet, the entire bandwidth from local operation and monitoring purposes as a server device or in combination with the PLC as a client is supported.

netX as a core technology with its integrated graphics controller and the visualization QViS allows adaptation to any demanding application.

netSCADA devices as web HMI server allow for modern and flexible visualization over the web. This technology can be adapted to any netX based automation device.

Master or slave communication on one hardware platform with netX as a core technology allows multi-protocol capability and adaptation to a broad range of requirements.

  • Integrated graphics controller
  • Web-based visualization
  • Scalable communication interfaces for any kind of performance class