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Module netJACK

Powerful exchangeable module for embedded Designs

The universal communication module netJACK with its PCI-Express interface addresses in particular the embedded market with high-performance CPUs e.g. Intel Atom®. Alternatively there are options with traditional Dual-Port-Memory and fast serial SPI Interface.
All types have a compact design as closed module, which can be mounted without tools by an experienced amateur.

As connector and mounting rails are formed as contact area and cut-outs on the baseboard, there are no additional costs for the device.

Advantage of netJACK is the reduced module variety and the mounting immediate before shipment or at the customer.

With netJACK customers can realize the full range of communication interfaces of e.g. drives, HMI or Ident systems and at the same time implementing a PLC functionality or Visualisation. For customer specific requirements Hilscher offers an optimized Design- and Production service at reasonable costs respectively for own applications empty netJACK housings can be procured.

An availability of 10 years is guaranteed by using the netX technology.

Flexible for all established Fieldbus and Real-Time-Ethernet systems

Modules of the netJACK family support traditional Fieldbus technology as well as all established Real-Time-Ethernet systems. The utilization of the network controller netX allows an intelligent design, where users have the possibility to decide about function and protocol shortly before usage.
That means the same netJACK Fieldbus module can be either Master or Slave respectively that one hardware supports all Real-Time-Ethernet protocols as Master or Slave. The final functionality will be determined by a loadable firmware, which is always preloaded but can easily be changed by the user during commissioning. Master functionality will easily be enabled with a software license.
This reduces the variety of hardware boards and therewith the administrative and logistic effort for the user. In addition it allows a quick response to customer requirements and to enter new markets, as always the right hardware is on stock.

PCIexpress connection to high-performance CPUs like Intel Atom®

The netJACK family is divided into two groups, which only differ in the way they connect to the host. One group supports PCIexpress with 2.5 GHz for connecting to high-performance CPUs. And the other one provides a traditional Dual-Port Memory to the host, which alternatively can be switched to a SPI mode.

In addition to the process data netJACK provides signals for USB diagnostic, an I2C interface for e.g. Slave address switch and I/O pins for e.g. synchronization of drives via a SAMTEC spring contact.

Each group self-contained is pin compatible that an easy change from netJACK modules with the same data connection can be guaranteed. Thus one design can support the whole range of Fieldbus and Real-Time-Ethernet systems.

Communication at the highest stage with most efficient base-board design

netJACK has a sophisticated connection- and mounting-technology and takes the final, logical step in the market of OEM modules. On the one hand netJACK is a complete communication module, which covers the network specific connection as well as the exchange of process data independent from the host processor.

On the other hand it includes all necessary parts for fastening, mounting and electrical connection, so the user can develop the most cost-efficient base-board design. That means all connector and mounting rails are formed as contact area and cut-outs on the baseboard.

There are no additional costs for the customer device, as special connectors or expensive mounting blocks are utterly needless.

Easy mounting of the IP40 module at any point of the supply chain

Via an slide-in mechanism netJACK can easily be added and drawn without any tool. This allows the mounting of the module at any point of the supply chain, whether during the manufacturing of the device, short before shipping or on-site at the end-user.

This reduces the tied-up capital, as ideally the netJACK will be procured and mounted directly by the end-user.
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