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Norm IEC 61491, EN 61491
User association Interessengemeinschaft SERCOS interfacee.V.
Market leader Bosch Rexroth GmbH
Market World wide
For numerically controlled machines, digital intelligent drives offer maximum precision and speeds while minimizing equipment costs. High performance digital interface is required to make use of these advantages.

In the interest of product choice, optimum configuration, and standardization, in order to simplify procurment and operational maintenance, a digital drive interface not only has to meet the functional requirements of different applications, but it must also ensure, through openness and standardization, problem-free operation between various controllers and drives from different manufacturers.
The SERCOS digital drive interface meets all these requirements and has been the international standard interface for drives on numerically controlled machines, i.e., IEC 61491, since November 1995, EN 61491 since August 1998. Major advances have been achieved in several thousand applications in virtually all machining technologies and advantageous new machine designs have been implemented since the beginning of the ’90s with digital, intelligent drives using the SERCOS interface.

System date
Max. devices 254
Max. baudrate 16 MBit
Max. extension 50 m in case of plasticity fiber optics 250 m in case of glass fiber optics
Bus access Optical ringbus
Communication Master / Slave
Message channel Service channel
Leading companies world-wide have selected the SERCOS interface. Well-known vehicle manufacturers name the SERCOS interface as a major component in their equipment specifications.
This technology has proven itself to be superior to conventional CNC machines for fast and precise motion control in the automation field, as well as in new, advantageous machine concepts for packaging, textile and printing machines.

SERCOS Monitor

provides a powerful and mobile analyzer for efficient observation and evaluation of data transmissions in SERCOS systems.

Passive SERCOS Interface

The PCI -, PCMCIA or PC/104 cards contain the component SERCON 816 and can operate as masters or Slave.


This is used for the control of the passive SERCOS interface cards.
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